The Residents: Greece Gropers & Ore X Crepe

Jeuno JE Kim & Lasse Krog Møller: The Residents: Greece Gropers & Ore X Crepe

The condition:

X works with Y to make Z.
U works with V to run W.
X and Y decide to bring Z to W, because U and V think it would be good to have Z in W.

The process:

X and Y look at W which is sometimes used as S and other times as T.
The mutability of the space inspires X and Y to work with A, which X and Y think will expand Z in a good way.

The situation:

X works with Y to make A which augments the architectonic component of Z.

X, Y, U, and V work together to find how A and Z can be suitably fitted for W. X and Y turn A into an architect. At one point A was in the chamber, working, and then at some point A moved out of the chamber, leaving behind a mess.  Inside W are stacks of drawings, half empty coffee cups, an overflowing ashtray, and an empty pack of knäckebröd. Some of the drawings have the signature Ore X. Crepe, others just the initials O X C in the lower right corner. All the drawings are somewhat architectural, showing plans for different museums and institutions within the Greece Gropers Foundation.

Antechamber - Project Space for Drawing and Other Research

8. juni - 29. juni 2013

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